Calendar of Events

Browse our event calendar below to find out about all the upcoming events around the Town of Livingston.

Below are the list of featured events coming up soon! Click the event to view more details, direction, and contact information.

february 2022

07feb7:00 pmMayor’s Court

10feb6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

12feballdayV. Watts Trade Day

march 2022

07mar7:00 pmMayor’s Court

10mar6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

12maralldayV. Watts Trade Day

april 2022

04apr7:00 pmMayor’s Court

09apralldayV. Watts Trade Day

14apr6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

may 2022

02may7:00 pmMayor’s Court

12may6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

14mayalldayV. Watts Trade Day

june 2022

06jun7:00 pmMayor’s Court

09jun6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

11junalldayV. Watts Trade Day

july 2022

09julalldayV. Watts Trade Day

11jul7:00 pmMayor’s Court

14jul6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

august 2022

01aug7:00 pmMayor’s Court

11aug6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

13augalldayV. Watts Trade Day

september 2022

08sep6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

10sepalldayV. Watts Trade Day

12sep7:00 pmMayor’s Court

october 2022

03oct7:00 pmMayor’s Court

08octalldayV. Watts Trade Day

13oct6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

november 2022

07nov7:00 pmMayor’s Court

09nov6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

12novalldayV. Watts Trade Day

december 2022

05dec7:00 pmMayor’s Court

08dec6:30 pmTown Council Meeting

10decalldayV. Watts Trade Day

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